SatireStudio Cheered

This Business Park is an oasis

Tjeerd Posthuma

A Mirage

Material: aerial work platforms

Studio Cheered Beeld Tjeerd Posthuma
Studio CheeredBeeld Tjeerd Posthuma

Business parks are modern deserts. They are dead, they exhaust people, they make you feel alone. This piece is the opposite of that: it is an oasis. We see aerial work platforms arranged as giraffes around a pool. Some of them kneel or bow their heads in a way that suggests a hierarchy and gratitude. The passers-by can identify with them or relate to them as spectators. The willows that surround the AWP’s make it hard to distinguish nature from industry. The title might seem a little cynical, but remember: when you feel as though you are in a desert or a business park, let’s focus on the ritual of refueling the body and mind. And do not forget: aerial work platforms are also called ‘cherry pickers’.