studio cheeredsatire

Self Portrait VII

Materials: wine bottle, cigarette stubs

Tjeerd Posthuma
Studio Cheered Beeld Tjeerd Posthuma
Studio CheeredBeeld Tjeerd Posthuma

Here we see an empty bottle filled with cigarette stubs. In contrasting the singular (one bottle) and the plural (many cigarette stubs), my signature can already be found. The stubs are each referring to the moment they were smoked, together they represent many moments in time. Moments of waiting, of stress, of anger, all combined into one single image, transcending time and temporary emotions.

Many times I looked at SELF PORTRAIT VII and wanted to throw it away. It reminded me of all the moments earlier described and I just wanted to put an end to all that. Right now the work is temporarily being exhibited in Amsterdam, but when the gallery returns it to me, I might make a molotov cocktail out of it and throw it out. Perhaps that will give me some relieve.