studio cheeredsatire

R 20 1

Materials: wood, painter’s tape, glass, blinds (aluminum).

Tjeerd Posthuma
null Beeld Tjeerd Posthuma
Beeld Tjeerd Posthuma

This is my declaration of war to people who say that art should represent and evoke emotions or meaning. We just see material and composition. Even the title doesn’t mean anything: ‘R’ stands for Relievo, ‘20’ for 2020 and ‘1’ indicates that this is my first relievo in 2020.

It was created during the lockdown. While making it I wrote in my diary: ‘The repetition of the same shape over and over again feels oppressive. No element seems to be in control of another. The only interesting thing about it is the light striking it differently during the day. The work is begging for randomness, coincidences and chance.’

When the owners of the house found out I gave them this work, they got really angry. I hate it when people make it all about emotions again.