De ombudsclownsatire

De Ombudsclown tries not be a Dutch uncle

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De Ombudsclown behandelt vragen, klachten en opmerkingen over zaken waaraan eigenlijk niets te doen is.

De klacht

Laetitia de Bruijn, Renkum: ‘Hello there, I would like to file a complaint about the Kruiswoordpuzzel (which is Dutch by the way) of today. Three of the answers were in English! Again! I.e. ‘have-not’, ‘creep’ and ‘directory’. I expect to be tested on my knowledge of the Dutch language, not the English. Am I right in presuming you at DiDu are all slowly transforming to Brits like your colleagues of Studio Cheered?’

The Ombudsclown

Well... not if the Ombudsclown can help it, but Laetitia de Bruijn knows the Ombudsclown. That said, in certain cases unnecessary English is useful to show how terribly unnecessary English is. De Bruijn may choose whether she prefers the Dutch or English version of Sally Rooney’s new book, Beautiful World, Where Are You.

Complaining pays off!