Studio Cheeredsatire

Canto Da Solo I

Materials: dust, nicotine and a nail

Tjeerd Posthuma
CANTO DA SOLO I Beeld Tjeerd Posthuma
CANTO DA SOLO IBeeld Tjeerd Posthuma

This mural is located in the house of a friend of mine who lived alone. The applied technique in CANTO DA SOLO I can be described as ‘staining’ instead of ‘painting’. On a first encounter it often appears as a flat, ‘painterly’ surface. But when you look closer, you’ll see deliberate clues pointing out the degree of construction present: drips of paint and even a nail. Some people associate it with a horizon during sunrise, or sunset. Others are reminded of the work of Mark Rothko.

CANTO DA SOLO I was created when the aforementioned friend passed on. It was part of my shift from representational to abstract painting. Despite the colour choices, I think it is one of my darkest works.