studio cheeredsatire


Materials: human flesh and mobile phones

Tjeerd Posthuma
null Beeld Tjeerd Posthuma
Beeld Tjeerd Posthuma

Sometimes ‘sure’ means ‘no’. When I was living in New York my former lover said: ‘Let’s move to Alphen aan de Rijn!’ I said ‘sure’. One month later I was sitting on the couch with my phone, watching other people party.

This hyper realistic sculpture, executed down to the smallest detail, captures that feeling. At the same time it addresses the thoughts many people have in museums: ‘Sure, now that we’re here, let’s also take a look at the permanent collection. It’s just another six euros of parking costs.’ The sense of not belonging somewhere is captured in an almost universal way by two creatures so lifelike it’s like they have a will of their own.

My father was a toymaker and in a way I create toys too. Toys for artsy girls.