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A Plastic Bag Called Wanda

Material: plastic bag.

Tjeerd Posthuma
null Beeld Tjeerd Posthuma
Beeld Tjeerd Posthuma

Here we see a plastic bag, shaped like a fish, put on green grass close to water. This intervention removes both the plastic bag and the grass from their original context. Stripped from their ordinary appearance, they bring about a celebration of light and energy. Captured by the many shapes the plactic takes, by how the light and the elements play with it, this pure sculpture can be watched for hours on end.

A Plastic Bag Called Wanda speaks of a multi-layered tragedy. It reminds us of the plastic soup and the way humans invade the habitat of fish. It makes a point about climate change and drought. It gives a sneak peek into my soul, telling you I don’t feel like I fit in. I like it when tragedy fuels my art.